Leadworx is a B2B analytics and Account-Based Prospecting tool which turns your website visitors into hot sales leads. 

It tracks the visitors on your site and can tell with great accuracy which company the visitor is from and what they did on your website.

Here are 8 compelling reasons (of many) for why you should be using Leadworx.

1. Discover Hot Prospects

Leadworx tracks the visitors on your site and can tell with a great accuracy which company the visitor is from. 98% of your website visitors leave your site without leaving their contact information. 

Your sales team is reaching out to cold accounts, whereas they can be engaging companies who already know about you (since they have been on your site!). As Leadworx identifies these anonymous visitors, you can turn them into hot prospects.

2. Track Visitor Behaviour 

Leadworx not only tells you the name of the company, but also shows you what they did on your website. 

Using this information, you can be more precise in your outreach and target only those accounts who have showed significant engagement (either in terms of number of visits, time spent on each page or number of pages visited in a single visit)

Ultimately, enable your sales team to be better with their pitch.

3. Get contact information of decision makers

Leadworx helps you save more time. How? 

Once you have identified the companies you'll like to engage with, you need to find your decision makers in those accounts. With Leadworx, you can very easily get access to contact and social media information of all employees working at that company.

So with Leadworx you don’t have to waste your time searching for contacts anymore. Its right here, all in a single dashboard.

4. Get information right in your mailbox

Leadworx sends you daily, weekly or monthly summary emails with the information on companies visiting your website. So you're always in the loop, without ever leaving your inbox.

5. Share Access

Leadworx allows you to add unlimited team members, essentially helping everyone to stay on the same page and letting everyone else know who could be your next big client.

6. Setting it up takes less than 1 minute

We, at Leadworx, value your time. We made sure to make the setting-up process as easy as it can get, so you get more time enjoying the value-add.

7. Customer Support, always there for you

You, our customers are on top of our priority list. If you need any help regarding the sign up process, setting up leadworx on your website, plans, payment or features? We, at Leadworx, promise to provide best customer support, 24*7.

8. Try for free, before you commit to buying

Yes, you read it right! Leadworx is absolutely free for the first 14 days. Thereafter, our pro-plans start as low as $15/month.

Now that’s a deal you can’t miss, right?

Sign up now at www.leadworx.com

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