1. First make sure you are logged in at www.leadworx.com/login

     2. Click on ‘Team’ under settings to add team members to your Leadworx account

     3. Add team members by entering their name and email

Once you add in the required details, an email would be sent to the respective person to confirm their account. 

To give them access to all sites in your dashboard and allow them to add more team members, click the checkbox for "Full Access".

4. Site specific access

If you have multiple sites in your dashboard and you'd like to give your team member access to only specific sites, click on the arrow next to "All websites" and choose the sites they should have access to and click on "Update Access".

Note - You won't be able to edit access to some sites if the team member has "Full Access" box checked. Uncheck that first and then update site specific access.

5. If a team member hasn't yet verified their account to join Leadworx, you can always come back to the "team" page and click on "Resend" under their name. 

"Resend" only shows up under those accounts that are un-verified. For everyone else, if they forgot their password, they will have to do "forgot password" on the login/signup page.

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