Setting up Leadworx is extremely easy and takes less than a minute. 

Once you have created an account with us, you can download our Wordpress plugin here -

After the code is dropped, remember to open your website once in your browser. Opening the site fires our script.


If for some reason the plugin does not work for you, you can follow this manual procedure.

A. To register and get the code, follow the steps 1 to 4 below. If you already have the code or an account with us, skip to part B of this article

   1. To start your free trial simply click on Sign Up

2. Enter the information mentioned and accept the terms and conditions to continue

 3. Installing Leadworx on your WordPress

You can set up Leadworx on your WordPress site by just adding our code to the footer file (details on how in Part-B).

The code looks something like this:

This code is essential as it allows us to track the visitors on your website.

 4. Copy the code that is given by us, as soon as you sign up

Part B - Now you have the script, lets add that to your Wordpress website 

5. Log into your WordPress admin

6. Once logged in, go to "Appearance" under the left-hand side menu

 7. Under "Appearance", click on "editor"

8. Find the file named "footer.php" under "theme files"

9. Click on the file and add our script just before the end of <body> tag
(as shown in the image below)

10. Save the file and voila! you are done

Wordpress Plugin

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