Your sales team is reaching out blindly to hundreds of prospects every day, with the hope that one of them is looking for your product/service. Leadworx solves this by surfacing companies who are already interested in your product and looking to buy.

Here's what Leadworx can do for you - 

1. Identify anonymous companies coming on to your website
2. Finding your decision makers from qualified companies
3. Syncing this prospect data with Pipedrive

Leadworx will automatically send the interested companies and the relevant decision-makers to your Pipedrive account. Your team can stop doing spray & pray and only spend time on accounts which have a high chance of conversion.


You can integrate your Leadworx account with Pipedrive by following these steps:

1. First make sure you are logged in at

2. Next click on "Integrations" under "settings"

3. Select Pipedrive and click on "continue"

4. If you have multiple websites, you can select the website you'd like to link with Pipedrive and click on "Proceed to connect"

5. You will then be re-directed to Pipedrive's authentication page where you'd need to enter your login credentials

6. Review the requested scope and click on "Allow and Install"

7. You'll now be redirected back to Leadworx where you can choose the default pipeline & stage where you'd like to sync your leads to and voila, you’re done!

To know more about how to use this CRM integration, read:

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