Leadworx provides the ease of integrating with multiple CRMs. After integrating with your CRM, follow these steps to make the most use of it. We currently support Salesforce, Pipedrive and Salesflare.

The goal of integrating your CRM is so you can export those leads into your CRM, along with contacts in those organizations. And once you sync a company, we send company and contact data, and create an opportunity too - thus linking all three.

  • First, make sure you are logged in at www.leadworx.com/login and have already linked your CRM with the leadworx acount. If you haven't yet linked it, go to "Integrations" tab under "settings" and connect it first.
  • Choose a particular company to sync its contact with your CRM. 
  • Just Scroll down the right side of the selected company and you can see the “People” working in the respective company. 

Now, you can use this CRM integration in two ways:

  1. First way, after unlocking the required contact just choose a particular CRM and click on it as shown in the picture below.
  • Note that only unlocked contacts can be synced with the respective CRM.
  • Once you click on the respective CRM, a new window opens. This window already includes the selected contact. Now, fill in the necessary details and click on “Send” to sync it with the selected CRM.

2) Second way, directly click on "Sync with <CRM>".

  • Once you click on sync, it opens up the window and you can select multiple people from inside that company (by unlocking them first), and then selecting them. Once you click on "Send", both the company and contact will be sent to your CRM and an opportunity will be created in your preferred pipeline and stage.

You can also choose to send a company to the CRM without any contact. Although its not recommended as then your sales team will have to jump to another solution to get this information which wastes precious time and effort.

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