Welcome to Leadworx. Here is a basic guide to get you started.

Thousands of people are using Leadworx today. We felt a simple step-by-step guide would help our awesome user-base familiarize themselves with us.

What is Leadworx?

Leadworx is an analytics tool for B2Bs, which tells you the companies that visit your website. Leadworx tracks the visitors on your site and can tell with a great accuracy which company the visitor is from.  We relay those names to you on our dashboard and in our daily emails - along with information like size of the company, their industry, email address, location etc.

Here is a step-by-step guide you can refer to:

Getting Started

Signing up for Leadworx is very easy. You only need a website, name, an email address, and password to start.

Once you have signed up, you need to integrate Leadworx with your website. To know in detail you can read this article: http://help.leadworx.com/questions-about-the-platform/how-do-i-integrate-leadworx-with-my-website

What do I do with this?

Once you have an account with us, there are a number of options, depending on how you want to utilize the tool.

Some of our users use the tool to discover potential leads and some use it to understand the behaviour of the website visitors and know which pages the prospect interacted most with.

Leadworx can also be used to understand what companies came in from your paid marketing or outbound sales. 

You can also use Leadworx to know when any of your cold account visits your website after say a few months. Time to send them a follow-up :)

Now let’s talk about how to use Leadworx.

We understand the struggle of doing everything manually. Hence, we have added some filters to make your work a little simple.


This allows you to sort the company list as per their visits on your website. You can simply do this by clicking on visits and then choosing ascending or descending order.

Date Range

This allows you to filter your leads for a particular date range. You can see which company visited your website in a particular date range. It can be of today, in last 7 days or month. To select a particular date range, choose an option from the list and then apply.

This Filter allows various options. Companies can be refined as per number of employees, visit on a particular page, number of visits, industry, etc. 

When you click on "Filter", a new modal opens.

You can choose necessary filters and save it as a template for future use too. After filtering your search, you can select a particular company. 

On selecting the company, a new section opens to the right

Finding Right People

On the right side when you scroll down, you can find the right person just by searching a keyword.

You can also use the filter to find right people. This allows you to refine your search by selecting the department or a particular role.

 For example if you need to search for the CEO, type it in the searchbox and it would show results matching your keyword!

Changing Email Frequency

Leadworx sends you summary emails about the companies visiting your website. So you're always in the loop. But you can always change the frequency of the email notifications as per your need. 

You can simply do this by clicking on "Websites" in your settings. In this section you can set frequency of email notification, upload logo, etc. and then save the changes. To understand it better, read: http://help.leadworx.com/how-to-s/how-to-set-frequency-of-summary-emails-to-dailyweeklymonthly

Voila! you’re ready to get leads and change them into hot prospects!

This was our little guide about how to use Leadworx to get its full value. To know more about “Leadworx-People”, please read:  http://help.leadworx.com/how-to-s/how-to-use-leadworx-people

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