As soon as you fill up the registration form, you will find our one-liner script, which you need to copy-paste onto your website, before the end of <body> tag.

The script looks something like this -

Why the JavaScript code?
This script allows us to capture the IP address of your website visitors, which we use to reverse-map with the companies we have in our database.

Want help in putting the script at the right place?

1. Simply copy the script and paste it before the end of </body> tag in your HTML file.

And this is where you should drop the code (either in the site's head or before the </body> tag)

2. Send the code directly to your developer

Alternatively, If you want to send the code directly to the developer, click on "email" as shown in the image below

Once you click on ‘Email’, it shows a pop-up which requests the email ID with which you want to share the code with.

As soon as you do that, your tech guy will get an email from us with the steps and the script.

Once you have added the script, open your website once in the browser. That fires the script. 

After doing that, go back to the Leadworx dashboard and click on ‘Check now’ for us to validate it.

Once we validate its working properly, your dashboard will look like this.

 Note - If your site gets low traffic, it'll take anywhere from 3 days to upto a week for the data to start showing up. 

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