If you find yourself using a set of filters frequently then you can create a filter template and save them for faster hassle-free filtering.

Filter template can be created for both company and people.

The created template can be saved and used later according to your convenience.

A) Steps to create a company filter template.

  • Login to your Leadworx account
  • In the top-mid section select the filter option
  • You can easily filter for the "accounts" by choosing the bucket you'd like to analyse. You can choose your existing users, lost opportunities, deals you are chasing right now and competitors too. Then you can apply a simple filter on your leads and see what these users are doing on your platform. 

To know more about how bulk upload of existing accounts works, read - http://help.leadworx.com/how-to-s/how-to-use-accounts

  • Or custom template by selecting the filter criteria that you wish to apply
  • Click on save template to enter the name and description for the template. Now click on filter & save.

After the template is saved, you can use it again by simply selecting the template from the filter option.

You can also create multiple templates by following the same steps.

B) Steps to create a people filter template

  • Login to your Leadworx account
  • Select the company whose people you need to filter

  • On the right-hand side company information is displayed, scroll down to the contacts found section and click on filter.

  • In the pop-up select the department and the role that you wish to filter. Then click on save as template.

  • Enter the name, description of the template and select your concerned website. Now click on filter and save it for future purpose.

Also, you can create company and people templates by selecting "website" from settings. To understand better, Read: http://help.leadworx.com/how-to-s/how-to-create-company-and-people-templates-inside-leadworx

You can create and save multiple filters as mentioned above and use them when needed.

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