We have tried to make a very simple signup process for our Appsumo users. All you have to do is follow these steps to get started.

  1. Start by visiting our page, created specially for sumolings - https://www.leadworx.com/appsumo

2. Now scroll down to the pricing section, which looks like the picture below. Select the plan for which you have bought the coupon code and click on "Redeem".

3. Once you click on redeem, a pop-up will open up. Fill in the requested information along with your unique activation code and click on “Sign Up”

Please note, each coupon code is valid only for the plan you have bought. And you cannot redeem a code twice.


Voila! You’re ready to use Leadworx.

To further learn about “how to integrate Leadworx with your website”, read:  http://help.leadworx.com/questions-about-the-platform/how-do-i-integrate-leadworx-with-my-website

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