Our mission at Leadworx is to help B2B businesses close more business faster. 

Whether you are in Marketing, Sales, Business Development or Growth our platform will provide you with the data you need to reach your goals.  

These are a few use cases of how Leadworx can help you depending on your role: 

Sales Development Reps (SDRs) 

Imagine coming into the office every morning and having a list of fresh warm leads that visited your site in the past few hours waiting in your inbox or Slack. 

No longer will you need to spend endless hours prospecting and researching contacts before engaging with them. 

In sales, knowledge is power. 

Leadworx provides you with web behavior information that shows you a prospect’s web activity and behavior on your website. Armed with this information, you can better understand purchase intentions and effectively engage with prospects.     

Leadworx works as part of your existing sales technology stack by seamlessly syncing with Slack, CRMs and multiple sales automation platforms. 

Sales- Account Executives 

Up selling and cross selling existing accounts can be challenging, especially without the right information on how your accounts are interacting with your content and website. 

If you are an Account Executive, Leadworx will provide you with visibility into your customer’s behavior on your company’s website and online content. 

Is your customer checking out your new product page or the new release video on your site?  

By having this data at your fingertips, you will know exactly when and with what message to best approach your customers.  

Take the guesswork out of sales with Leadworx! 

Marketing & Growth Teams

Increase your Return on Investment (ROI) by uncovering anonymous website visitors and nurturing or re marketing directly to these visitors.

Here are some use cases of how Leadworx can increase your ROI while lowering your Cost per Lead (CPL): 

Website Traffic Identification 

Think of Leadworx as a pair of “googles” that provide you with the names, company and contact information of those people that visited your site but did not convert. 

For example: 

If you are running paid advertising campaigns on AdWords, Facebook, etc. and only 3%-4% of visitors convert on your site, Leadworx will provide visibility into who the remaining 96% of visitors are. 

With this information, you can directly market to all visitors via drip campaigns, Account Based Marketing, personalized emails or even personalize your site in real time! 

Website Personalization 

In Marketing, messaging is everything. 

The better your messaging speaks to a specific prospect, the higher the chances the prospect will become a customer. 

Unfortunately, you don’t have full control over who is visiting your website. As a marketer, you write content that appeals to broad customer profiles hoping it resonates with most visitors. 

Leadworx automatically links anonymous visitors with a full company profile, allowing you to customize the content of your website for each specific visitor. All this in milliseconds. 

For example, you can show visitors targeted white papers based on their company size or customize the homepage text so it  resonates with a specific visitor segment. 

This way, you can create custom content that speaks to multiple industries, company size, locations, etc.

To learn more how Leadworx can help your company feel free to schedule a demo here.

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