Here are some of the many use cases for Leadworx -

1. You spend a ton of money in your marketing campaigns (whether on Facebook or Adwords). But none of these mediums tell you which company they were able to get on your site. All you know is that they were able to bring in "x" number of visitors for "$ y". That data means nothing! You only get an idea about which company they pulled in when someone fills up your contact form or signs up (which is just 2% of the total visitors). Leadworx tells you which companies came in and what was the referral source for each visitor, so you know how your marketing campaign is working and is it bringing in the right audience

2. Say you are doing outbound sales - using either cold calls or email outreach. There are plenty of people who would open your email but since everyone knows that links are being tracked, they would search for your company on google and then visit your website. Leadworx captures these visitors so you can put them in an “engaged” funnel in your marketing automation system and give them special attention

3. If you have multiple prospects in your funnel ready to convert, wouldn’t it be great to see if they visited your website and what they did? That way your sales team can walk in on the next call or meeting with more information than what your prospect wanted to give away (say if they spent 1 hour on your website day before the meeting. that means they are pretty interested. go close!)

4. We hook into your CRM and keep track of all your lost, active or cold accounts. If any one of them visit your website and Leadworx captures them, we send you a special email. Time to reach out to this person again. Just don’t say we saw you looking at our site 😉

5. If you frequently visit conferences or get a booth there, you can see how people interact with your website - even the ones that you just gave out your business card to. We have actually closed one sale just by showing a person a screenshot of him browsing through our site

6. Apart from the highly targeted use cases above, an average sales person is reaching out to 50-100 companies per week. Wouldn’t it make sense to include the companies which have already been on your website? They have a 2x more chance of conversion

Hope this was informational. Please let us know if you’d have any comments. Cheers!

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