Over the past few months, our team has been hard at work researching and building the best Leadworx experience. So here we’re excited to introduce our newest feature. 

Country filter is our newest feature. The country filter helps you filter the leads according to your country preference.
You can use country filter by following few simple steps.

 1. Login to your Leadworx account

2. In the top-mid section select the filter option

3. In the pop-up window click on new filter and select the country

4. Click on save template to enter the name and description for the template. Now click on filter & save

After the template is saved, you can use it again by simply selecting the template from the filter option.

You can also create multiple templates by following the same steps.

Also, we are bringing new updates to make Leadworx even better. You can find it on our roadmap, here: https://trello.com/b/cxOPL3CV/leadworx-public-roadmap and upvote any feature that you think would be useful for you.

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