If you have hundreds of leads on your dashboard, it becomes very difficult to identify if the company is your existing customer or not. We have built  "Accounts" to solve this problem.

With this feature, you can tell us your existing users, lost opportunities, deals you are chasing right now and competitors too. Then you can apply a simple filter on your leads and see what these users are doing on your platform. 

Some of the use cases are - 

  1. Upload your lost accounts and then filter for "lost" to see if any of these are re-engaging with your website. If they are, time to send them another email to restart the conversation
  2. With your current "prospects", your sales team can see what they are looking/doing on your site and craft their pitch based on their journey on the website
  3. For your "won" accounts, you can either ignore them from Leadworx or look at how they use your platform and how frequently
  4. Upload all your comptitors and then see how they often they visit your site and what they look at

With accounts, you won't have to filter for each company separately. You can just upload them in bulk and then analyse the entire segment with a single click. Below you'll find a handy guide on how to setup accounts and how to use it.


Setting up Accounts

To get started you have to provide us with a list of your existing accounts. You can do that in two simple ways - either upload a CSV or integrate your CRM.

A. By uploading a CSV file.

  1. Start by clicking on "Accounts" on the left side menu of the dashboard.

2. Once you click on Accounts, the first time you'll see a screen like the one below. Click on "Download Sample CSV" to get the file format.

3. After downloading the sample file, now fill in the company name and domain. You can add from 1 row to 10,000 rows in this file. The domain can be in any format (http/https doesn't matter).

4. After adding the companies and domains, upload the file. 

To categorise these companies correctly, choose the right filter - such as won, lost, prospect or competitor and click on "upload".

This means that if you want to upload all 4 type of companies, you'll have to upload the file 4 times. 

B. Connect to CRM

This is by far the easiest option to provide us your existing accounts data. All you have to do is connect your CRM and we automatically fetch your existing won, lost and prospective accounts from your CRM. 

To upload competitors however, you have to upload those via CSV only.

We provide integrations with multiple CRMs, to give the best Leadworx experience.


Using Accounts

After uploading the CSV or connecting to the CRM, the "Accounts" page will look like this:

This page shows you high level information on your accounts, like the type of industries they belong, how many employees do they usually have and which countries are they located in.

Once you upload your accounts, we "tag" each company in the bucket and if any of these companies are detected by Leadworx, they will be automatically tagged for segmentation.

Q. How to filter/segment for these named accounts on the Leadworx dashboard?

You can easily filter for these accounts from the main dashboard. Just click on "filter" and then choose the bucket you'd like to analyse.

To know how you can segment companies further, read about "tags" here - http://help.leadworx.com/how-to-s/organise-your-leads-with-tags

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