Tags let you group your companies together. You can attribute one or multiple tags to a company and then filter on that tag to see just those companies.

Here at Leadworx, we have a set of tags that we use for different companies visiting our website. We either tag them as prospect, won, lost or more specific tag names like "Dave to follow up".

How to tag a company

  1. Select whichever company you would like to tag and then click on "Add a tag"

2. You can either choose any pre-existing tag or create a new one. You can add as many tags to a company as you'd like. Once you are done, click on "Save".

How to filter for tagged companies?

Just go to the dashboard and click on "filter". Then you'll see all the tags that you have created and can click on any one to filter for companies that contain that tag.

You can also make any tag the "default". If you do that, then anytime you log in, you will only see companies that have been attributed that special tag. A use case for this is - you can upload all your prospective accounts and then make that default, so when you log in, you'll only see the accounts you are chasing and what they are doing on your website.

To know more about how bulk upload of existing accounts works, read - http://help.leadworx.com/how-to-s/how-to-use-accounts

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