Before continuing, make sure that your CRM is connected with Leadworx. You can integrate from this page -

You can move your high-value prospects to your CRM in 3 simple steps.

A) Select and fill in basic workflow details

Navigate to "Workflows" section under “Essentials” tab on the left side menu.

2. From the top right corner, click on "Create on workflow"

3. From the 6 available options, select CRM

4. Add a name and description to the workflow to capture a quick overview of what the workflow is about.

B) Choose Company Filters

1. Select single or multiple industries, employee size and the country that your target companies belong to. You can leave a field blank if you want to target all.

2. Include and Exclude URLs - Enables you to filter the companies based on the website pages that they have visited.

Simply enter the keyword from the page URL that you want to focus on. Suppose you only want the companies who have visited your pricing page. Your URL can be -

Enter the word pricing the "include" field and we will filter those companies who have visited your pricing page.

Similar steps can be followed for excluding URL. This will exclude all companies who have been to that particular page. Most common example is "career" or "jobs" page of the website.

You can use OR-AND toggle button to further narrow down the filter. For example if you want to know the companies who visited your "pricing" page AND also went to your "product" page. In this scenario you can use the AND toggle.

Note: You can skip both fields if they are not required.

3. Select tags - Tags help you organize and filter in a custom way. Tags are helpful for excluding existing opportunities in the CRM or including just named accounts. 

C) People section

1. With/Without People - You can choose if you need just the company names in your CRM, or if you want Leadworx to also find your decision makers in that company and connect those prospects with the lead/opportunity in the CRM. By default, "with people" is selected.

Note: In a few cases, we might not have the decision-maker data for that company. However, you may still want to get just the company details into your CRM so you can explore other methods to contact them.

To do so, you can create a different workflow with the same criteria as above steps and select the "Without People" option to get those companies into your CRM.

2. Target job role - Over here select the decision maker designation. In case you find any designation missing, simply click on "Have a custom role" to enter your custom designation.

3. Which emails to sync?

 - Valid emails only: If email deliverability is the key factor then you can opt for this option. However, there is a significant amount of reduction (almost 40%) in the number of people as compared to the next option.

- Valid as well as unknown emails: Since all emails cannot be verified, we assign a confidence score to the unknown emails which have an accuracy rate about 80%. This helps you get more prospects as compared to "valid only" sync.

4. The maximum number of people to be sent per account: In case of a large organization, many people may match your entered designation criteria. To get an optimum number of prospects only, you can enter the maximum amount of people that you would like to target from that company.

Save & Run

We are finally done with the filters. Now you select the CRM that you have integrated with Leadworx and click on "save and run".

That's it. Now close them all!


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