If you are a Slack power user like us, you'll love this integration :)

Using the connection between Leadworx and Slack, you can identify high-value prospects that visit your website and get an alert in any channel or in DM.

This works for visitors that are already in your pipeline (fetched from the CRM) and for brand-new prospects as well. 

Here are the use cases - 

  1. Existing Opportunity - All your open deals are logged in the CRM. After you integrate your CRM with Leadworx, if any of your current prospects or previously lost accounts visit your site, you'll get a Slack notification right away. 
  2. New Prospects - To add more deals in the pipeline, you can set up alerts depending on the action visitor took on your website. It can be anything like "If the company is from the United States and visits my pricing page" or "if the company is from Computer Software industry with more than 500 employees". 

Here's how you can set it up in less than 5 minutes - 

1. First make sure you are logged in at www.leadworx.com/login

2. Next click on "Integrations" under "Settings"

3. Under "Integrations", scroll down and find "Slack". When you find it, click on "Get It"

4. You'll be re-directed to this page on Slack's website. The goal is to create an app that will use "Incoming webhooks" for posting data into Slack.

On that page, scroll down till you see the green button that says "Create your slack app". Click that button.

5. On the next page, a pop-up will open automatically. If it doesn't, there is a green button called "Create New App" which will open the pop-up.

At this step, make sure you have the proper rights to create an app. If you don't, then ask your workspace admin to create one for you.

Give app the name "Leadworx Website Visitors", choose a workspace to install your app to and then click "Create App"

6. After creating the app, you'll be redirected to the settings page for your new app (if you are using an existing app or the one admin made for you, just load its settings via the Your Apps page).

From here select the "Incoming Webhooks" feature

7. Click the "Activate Incoming Webhooks" toggle to switch it on.

8. The settings page should refresh and some extra options will appear. One of those options will be a really helpful button marked "Add New Webhook to Workspace", and you should click it.

9. You'll see something like the following screen. Go ahead and pick a channel that the app will post to, and then click to "Authorize" your app.

10. You'll be sent back to your app settings, and you should now see a new entry under the "Webhook URLs for Your Workspace" section, with a Webhook URL that'll look something like this:


That URL is your shiny new Incoming Webhook, one that's specific to a single user, and a single channel. 

Copy this URL! 

Let's see how you can actually use that webhook to get Leadworx Alerts in Slack

11. Come back to Leadworx's dashboard and click on "Workflows" under "Essentials".
 (If your plan does not have access to workflows, you can talk to someone in our support team to upgrade)

12. Click the button "Create a workflow" at top right and then choose "Real time alerts". 

13. Now in this step we are creating a workflow. It's here where you can specify what kind of companies you want the alert for. Some of the options available are the company's industry, employee size, country, which pages they visited etc.

If you have integrated your CRM or have manually uploaded your named accounts, you can select those tags and you'll get a notification only when one of those companies visit your site.

14. We are on the final step :) 

Choose "Slack" as your preferred channel, paste the webhook you got from Slack, make a "sample" hit to make sure the app is working fine (you'll get a sample message in slack) and finally click on "Save & Run" to activate the workflow. 

And we are done. Wohoooo 🎉

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